Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The summer lazies

Ok, so I'm behind on this. Here are my stats from last week's weigh in:

Starting weight: 229.4
Last week's weight: 207.0
Current weight: 204.6
Weight lost this week: -2.4
Total weight lost: -24.8

So close to 25 pounds! I weigh in again tomorrow, so unless I binge out after I get off the computer tonight, I'll be definitely over 25 pounds lost.

But it hasn't been easy. I'm hot and tired and I want to eat a gallon of ice cream. Instead, I will eat a crystal light Popsicle. Boo!

But I'm going to each meeting and trying to learn the concepts and follow them. That means eating breakfast every morning, incorporating exercise into my day, and tracking everything I eat.

I didn't realize the importance of tracking until my previous weigh in. It was the first week I didn't track, and the first week I gained. I've been tracking more since then, but not to the obsessive level that I was when I first started WW.

Maybe it's just the summer lazies, but it's just been too difficult to track lately.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A bit of a slip

Starting weight: 229.4
Last week's weight: 206.6
Current weight: 207.0
Weight lost this week: +0.4
Total weight lost: -22.4

I didn’t lose weight this week. I gained. Less that half a pound, but still. I gained.

I could give many excuses for this. This was the first week I didn’t track what I ate. It was my son’s first birthday, and we had two different parties for him. I also attended an appreciation dinner at a winery this week. And, to top it all off, it was “that” time of the month.

But those are just excuses. What it really comes down to is I did make smart food choices. I had cheesecake at the winery. I ate the bread when I went out with my girlfriends. I had two pieces of birthday cake.

Looking back, I’m surprised I only gained half a pound.

Ugh. I need to step it up.

The only good thing is that my clothes are HANGING on me. Maybe my occasional workouts are helping!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The different types of jeans

Most women, I believe, have three types of jeans:

  • Fat girl jeans
  • Every day jeans
  • Skinny jeans

The fat girl jeans are for when you’re just feeling too large to function. You know the days I’m talking about. Three days before your period. Right after you’ve eaten 7 gallons of ice cream. When you’re feeling overall frumpy.

Every day jeans are for… well, for every day. You’re not feeling fat, you’re not feeling skinny, you’re just normal. Most of your days should fit into this category.

Skinny jeans are for when you’re a hot and sexy thang. You’re looking good, you’re feeling good, and the world should know it. You should not experience these days more than once a month. If you do, you are annoying.

So, my fat girl jeans simply cannot be worn anymore. I’m swimming in them. It looks like I’m four years old and wearing my father’s pants. I have to get rid of all of them.

My every day jeans have become my fat girl jeans, and my skinny jeans have become my every day jeans.

I need new skinny jeans. Luckily, I have a fourth category: the Lucky jeans. My normally-$100-but-purchased-on-Ebay-for-only-$18 Lucky jeans. I loved them when I first got them in November 2008, and I have been saving them since they stopped fitting in February 2009.

Ah, Lucky. How I’ve missed you. Let’s never fight again.

They are still a little tight. They are still REALLY tight. That’s ok. Sometimes love hurts.

How many categories of jeans do you have?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day??? Weigh in

Starting weight: 229.4
Last week's weight: 208.8
Current weight: 206.6
Weight lost this week: -2.2
Total weight lost: -22.8

If I'm going to have a weight loss blog, I really need to post more than once a week.

But I'm chugging along with my weight loss. I hit 22 pounds today, which was 10% of my body weight, so I got recognized in the meeting and I got a key chain, where you put charms as you hit other milestones. The program is still working for me.

I've started the slightest twinge of new activity. Hubby and I have started taking the kids out for a walk after dinner. And last night, my daughter and I went running-- only about a quarter mile, but better than nothing!

Did you do anything to kick it up a notch? Let's hear about it!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 34--Weigh in

Starting weight: 229.4
Last week's weight: 211.6
Current weight: 208.8
Weight lost this week: -2.4
Total weight lost: -20.6

Do you know what this means? Simply stated: I AM AWESOME!

20 pounds. In one month. No drugs, just eating healthy. For real.

OK, it was a month and 2 days. Who's counting?

I wasn't expecting much at the weigh in. I stayed within my points, but I didn't feel like I had eaten particularly healthy. I was expecting to break even, and was just praying that I didn't gain.

But then I donated blood last night, and walked out feeling lighter. Did I donate 5 pounds worth of blood? Probably not. But I allowed myself to hope--just a little.

I cried like little girl at weigh in today. I just can't believe that I lost 20 pounds. 20 POUNDS! It really boggles my mind.

I don't mean to gloat, I know there are people who are struggling. And I gave myself a treat of a cinnamon roll for dessert tonight, so I probably gained those 2 pounds back. But that's ok. I deserve a treat!