Friday, July 2, 2010

Weigh in-- two months down!

Starting weight: 229.4
Last week's weight: 204.6
Current weight: 202.8
Weight lost this week: -1.8
Total weight lost: -26.6

Look at me, being all awesome! Over 26 pounds in two months!

I did some figuring today....

7 more pounds to my wedding weight (195)
10 more pounds to the lightest my coworkers have ever seen me (192)
17 more pounds to the lightest my husband has ever seen me (185)
25 more pounds until I'm longer considered overweight for my height (177, per the weight watchers chart)
35 more pounds to my high school weight (167)
57 more pounds to my college weight (145-- and yes, people were concerned that I wasn't eating enough. 145 pounds for a girl who's 5'10" is VERY thin)

So, my goal is 175. I'm almost halfway there. I told my husband that I want to lose about 25 more pounds, and he was very concerned. He doesn't know. He didn't think I needed to lose the first 25, and now that's gone, he doesn't seem to be complaining!

But those goals are in the future. The immediate goal is to lose 3.4 more pounds in two weeks. That will put me at 30 pounds lost, just in time for my weekend away with the girls in Tahoe. I can't wait!

Oh, I know. It won't be easy, especially with the 4th of July bbq on Sunday. But I'm focused! Determined! Motivated!

OK, maybe a little hungry, too.

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  1. That's absolutely brillaint! I would be THRILLED to have lost nearly 27lbs, even since the start of the year. Congratulation! :o)